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Welcome to INSiGHT™ Academy

I’m Dr. David Fletcher, CEO & Founder of CLA Inc., and I’m excited to welcome you to the INSiGHT™ Academy, a comprehensive scan learning platform. As a #ChiroOfCLA, you are part of a worldwide scanning movement and we want you to be trained to become scanning pros! I’ve designed the INSiGHT Academy Essentials courses to teach you and your team members how to scan with confidence and report with certainty. 

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Welcome to INSiGHT™ Academy

I’m Dr. David Fletcher, CEO & Founder of CLA Inc., and I’m excited to welcome you to the INSiGHT™ Academy. The INSiGHT™ Academy is a passion project for the CLA team. Our courses weave together chiropractic connections to make your learning experience even more meaningful. I’ve designed the INSiGHT™ Academy Essentials courses to grow your confidence as you become a scanning pro. You can elevate your scanning experience with INSiGHT™ Academy PLUS where you can supercharge your scanning knowledge to expand your expertise and grow your practice.

Check Out Our Courses

Join the INSiGHT™ revolution.

Three decades ago, CLA set out to provide chiropractors with the tools to revolutionize and magnify the depth of service they provide to the families in their practice. Since then, INSiGHT™ has set the standard for providing chiropractors with quality scanning technology.

Our movement has grown to span the globe, and with it, we have seen Chiropractors bridge the gap between symptom care and ongoing care, allowing doctors and their patients to experience measurable growth.

Get the most of your INSiGHT™ technology.

INSiGHT™ scanning technologies are your passport into the future. Scanning the spine and nervous system allows you to focus on a neuro-adaptive approach where powerful technologies and reporting strategies confirm a next-level commitment to families in your community. The INSiGHT Academy Essentials bundle was carefully designed for you and your team to help you become experts in using the technologies, interpreting the results, reporting the findings and preparing care plans. 

Increase your impact and grow your understanding of the INSiGHT technology.

The INSiGHT Academy Essentials courses will position your practice as the office that offers solutions. The INSiGHT™ gives your office the power to attract more new patients. Not just any new patients but the kind that learn to use chiropractic as it was meant to be: a lifelong experience of feeling better, staying well and exploring their full potential!

Learn more and become a force in your community.

Today’s most influential practices move the message from the spine to the nervous system. The INSiGHT Academy is your resource to learn new strategies in communication and care planning using objective data. You’ll be introduced to CLA’s Patient Life Cycle, so you can attract new patients, deliver clinical excellence and report with greater confidence.


The Essentials Courses are your guide to becoming an INSiGHT scanning pro. 

You’ll start by getting background information about the INSiGHT technologies. Then you will learn about your software and how to use it. Next we help you make the most of the INSiGHT in your office and in your community. Complete all Essentials Courses to become INSiGHT Approved™. 

1. Welcome to INSiGHT Scanning

Get informed about what to do when your INSiGHT technologies arrive, how to get them onboarded, and watch a welcome video that gets your team excited about scanning. Included is a series of start-up steps and tutorials to keep you focused on success within the first month of scanning!

2. INSiGHT Software Integration

This ‘how to’ course introduces you to your cloud-based application. You’ll be guided on how to onboard your technologies, access the doctor portal, navigate the software with all it’s features which include multiple report combinations.

3. Introduction to the INSiGHT

Learn about each INSiGHT technology. This course is great for new scanning offices or team members and is the ideal refresher for long-term CLA clients. You'll get everything you need to know about the tech, how it integrates with the software and how to maximize scanning in your office. 

4. Implementing INSiGHT Scanning

Get guidance on how to leverage the full power of the INSiGHT. You’ll learn how to integrate scans into every aspect of your patient’s lifecycle, from scheduling to exam & reporting times, what to charge for scans and more.

5. Interpreting

This is the foundation for mastering scan interpretation. Explore the RED formula as it relates to interpretation for each instrument. Gain confidence in relating the results with case studies. This course is a game-changer!

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We know that you’ll want to go deeper than the ESSENTIALS. In PLUS, you'll find focused courses on topics such as: interpretation gems, care strategies for all ages, and care planning wisdom. 

PLUS is a monthly membership where Dr. Fletcher shares exclusive content 
so that you can grow your expertise to become an even more powerful scanning aficionado.

Scan Interpretation:

What I see - What I say

Tune in to explore new scanning case studies each month.  Scan interpretation never has been so real.

Research Connection:

Facts that Matter

Unique analysis of today's latest research as it relates to chiropractic and the nervous system. 

Chiro Inspiration:

The Fletch Flash

No-nonsense, fast paced discussions on relevant chiro happenings in the scanning world.

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Dr. Kyle Trontvet

"We've used the INSiGHT because it helps us to show and tell exactly what is going on in the neurological health of the people we serve." 

Dr. Ali Miller

"The INSiGHT Has Given Me Clarity And Confidence In Just How Important The Nervous System Is Our Everyday Function"

Dr. Ash Pritchard

"The INSiGHT technology is infused through every single step of our practice"

Want more INSiGHT in your practice?

As you progress through the INSiGHT Academy, you will see our latest wireless technologies and the Synapse software platform. Click here to find out more about the advancements at CLA and how you can future proof your practice by upgrading your technologies today.

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Our core values are what drive this movement forward.

Our mission is that every chiropractic office has INSiGHT technology at the hub of their practice to create a standard of care for chiropractors to measure and communicate their results with certainty.

Use the INSiGHT Academy courses to become a scanning pro in this incredible community of chiropractors coming together who are intentional about growth, communication, taking care of families and raising up communities.


Some INSiGHT from our Founder & CEO.

Dr. David Fletcher, DC, FRCCSS(C) -  Founder & CEO CLA Inc.

Dr. David loves sharing the message of chiropractic. With the INSiGHT™ at the hub of his legendary Toronto practice, he set the standard for creating scan-centric, principled, family practices. Together with his wife Nancy, they oversee CLA’s worldwide scanning movement where objective findings, clinical excellence and a passion for human health and potential are its foundation.