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Scanning is the fastest growing examination and care planning strategy in the profession because it opens the door to four generations of family members becoming chiropractic patients for life.

Are you ready to take your scanning skills to the next level?

Unlock your highest scanning potential.

With an INSiGHT Academy PLUS membership, you’ll get access to a monthly sharing of relevant discussions related to the art, science and philosophy of the Chiropractic profession. Dr. Fletcher will give you scan interpretation and communication wisdom delivered in the ‘What I see - What I say’ format, dive into research, and provide chiropractic inspiration through interviews and sharing of personal viewpoints. Each month this fast paced, 3 part, learning extravaganza will be available to you for $39/month as a INSiGHT Academy PLUS member.

Scan Interpretation:

What I see - What I say

Tune in to explore new scanning case studies each month.  Scan interpretation never has been so real. 

Research Connection:

Facts that Matter

Unique analysis of today's latest research as it relates to chiropractic and the nervous system. 

Chiro Inspiration:

The Fletch Flash

No-nonsense, fast paced discussions on relevant chiro happenings in the scanning world.

Become a growth-oriented, chiro-centric, scanning powerhouse.

You can capitalize on this by joining PLUS and tapping into the latest scan related, neuro-nerdy research reviews and inspiring podcast style interviews that will make scanning real for you and your patients.

Learn from the best.

In the Art segment, the scan master himself, sharing scan interpretation gems and case study wisdom. Dr. Fletcher will review scans and describe what he sees and what you should look for as you learn to interpret scans with confidence. Dr. Fletcher will reach into his vault of cases studies and reveal great strategies to use scans to tell the story in a way that you and your patients will understand.

New content every month.

In the Science segment, Dr. Fletcher will dig into his vault of research and tie it all together using his vast knowledge and experience of growing successful practices with scanning at the center of it all. These discussions tie together the practical application of the adjustment with the functional state of the nervous system to teach you how to deliver the most powerful adjustments using the most practical care plans. 

Our network is your network.

In the final Philosophy segment, you’ll listen in on Doc Fletch's perspective as he brings togethers influencers' to discuss how the principled centered approach can create a legacy practice. Dr. Fletcher has a rolodex of ‘who’s who’ in the profession. Academics, Coaches, Researchers, Students, Presidents and in-the-trenches Chiros who will share their life experiences.

Unlock INSiGHT™ Academy PLUS Member Benefits Today

INSiGHT™ Academy PLUS Courses

As an INSiGHT Academy PLUS member, you gain FREE access to advanced specialty courses listed below*. We are constantly adding learning resources to our library. Explore the options for the chance to level up your knowledge, and grow your scanning skill set.

*These courses are also available for purchase individually if you are not a member of INSiGHT Academy PLUS.

Deep Dive: neuroPULSE (HRV)

Dive into the research and practical application of HRV assessments as you determine a patient’s adaptive reserve and ANS balance. Discover how measuring reserve & function provides a new level of certainty using a non-spinal test.

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Deep Dive: neuroCORE (sEMG)

This deep dive brings posture, exhaustion and imbalance together so you can relate the spine to the subluxation through using the sEMG scan. Find out how dysponesis and pattern analysis shift the focus from spine to nervous system. 

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Deep Dive: neuroTHERMAL (Thermal) 

Dive in to the reproducibility validity and reliability of thermal scanning. Become a master of interpreting patterns and learn how subluxations and adjustments can be evaluated using NCM DTG and Line graphs. 

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Connect to Certainty Summit

Be amazed as Dr. Monique Andrews shares neuroscience gems, Dr. Brett Jones delves into philosophy and Dr. Tamara McIntyre shares clinical expertise. Dr David weaves it together sharing the magic of soaring into the neuroAGE!

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Connect to Kids

Buckle up as 4 pediatric practice gurus share their secrets. You’ll be able to use their practical solutions, all backed by academic concepts, to gain confidence and certainty. Join Drs Tracy Wilson, Tony Ebel, Amy Spoelstra, &  Michael Hall!

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CORESCORE: Coming Soon

Learn how the CORESCORE is key item in your scanning toolbox! This neural efficiency index is calculated when scans results are combined to create a score. Find out how to set goals and measure improvements using the CORESCORE.

Unlock INSiGHT™ Academy PLUS Member Benefits Today